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Since 2005 and based in Ioannina, the Technical Office, having the appropriate human resources and mechanical equipment, provides Civil Engineering services and is active in the fields of building installations and energy, both at the level of design and construction of private projects and construction of public works. Fundamental principles for the Engineers who staff it, are the constant scientific information and professional integrity. The goal is to establish a constructive cooperation with the client and to produce the best result in each project, with respect for people and the environment.

Phoebus Gogos is a Civil Engineer, TEE member, graduate of the Department of Civil Engineering, Polytechnic School of DUTH. He is a Public Works Contractor, Real Estate Appraiser and Energy Inspector. He is also a member of M.E. Health and Safety in the workplace, of T.E.E. Epirus.

The object of work was the design and construction of detached houses and apartment buildings with load-bearing structures from all known materials (concrete-metal-wood-stone), the design and construction of public works -mainly road construction-, surveying, operating licenses, assessments and expertise, technical services security, with a shift in recent years in the supervision and construction of RES projects and in particular Small Hydroelectric Power Plants.


Loupas George
Dipl. Civil Engineer MSc DUTH
Energy inspector

Kotsinas Nikolaos
Dipl. Mechanical Engineer Univ. Patras

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